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2012 Audi RS 4

The RS4 is an uncompromising sports high-performance vehicle with character in terms of both technology and visual appearance. The 2012 Audi RS4 has been designed on the basis of the Audi S4 as the supreme model in the A4. The RS4, which, like its predecessor the RS2 will impress discerning customers who favor sports-style driving, thanks to its unparalleled performance.

A 2.7-litre biturbo V6 engine with five valves per cylinder roars under the hood of the Audi RS4. Audi's engineering experts have taken what was already a very high-performance engine and given it even more power and torque on the RS4. The RS4 engine develops 380 horsepower and does so with astounding quiet and stability.

Excellent directional stability is the direct result of designing the six-speed gearbox with ratios suited to the vehicle's sports character. With permanent four-wheel drive and a biturbo V6 effectively harnesses propulsion and traction to produce a truly exhilarating ride. RS4 has a new more voluminous braking system housed inside cast aluminum wheels of a new spoke design. The vehicle body has been significantly lowered compared with the A4.


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