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The 2012 Mercedes CLK-Class offers comfortable, luxurious accommodations and sporty performance. They look stunning even when sitting still, and are a delight on the road. They sit at the head of their class for looks, performance and passenger space. In many ways, It is in a class by itself, sporting sleek lines carefully sculpted to make a statement different from sedan-derived coupes like the BMW 330Ci. Offers excellent handling and are a joy to drive. They feel taut, like a true sports coupe, and don't lean in corners. The ride is firm but comfortable. Each offers progressively higher levels of performance, but are otherwise similarly equipped. All three engines are mated to a smooth-shifting five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, which features software to adapt its shift points to suit the driver's style. The transmissions also allow the driver to shift manually. The AMG transmission lets the driver choose between Formula 1-like buttons on the back of the steering wheel and the shift lever to select gears when in the manual mode. 

The 2012 Mercedes CLK-Class boast a long list of standard equipment including: 10-way adjustable power seats with three memory settings; ABS with emergency brake assist; electronic stability control; and dual-zone climate control with pollen and dust filter. Options include a navigation system combined with a computerized management system for stereo and air conditioning ; Distronic, an adaptive, radar-based cruise control ; It can be spruced up with an appearance package featuring 17-inch wheels, low profile tires and vaSpectraus chrome and brushed-aluminum exterior and Interior trim pieces . One particularly welcome touch is Mercedes' return to the big proud three-pointed star in the grille. The rear windows slide all the way down into body, providing an exceptionally open environment. In silhouette, it is indistinguishable from the coupe, with only the barest hint of a break in the roofline where it meets the trunk lid.

The fabric top is fully lined and insulated and tucks neatly into the boot, where it fills up about a third of the trunk's limited space, which already gives up almost 2 cubic feet to the coupe's. Rearward vision is impressive for a convertible, although not the equal of the coupe. In the event of an imminent collision or roll-over, two roll bars stylistically integrated into the rear seat head restraints deploy fully and lock in place within 0.3 seconds. This is made possible by replacing the conventional steel trunk lid with a composite design that allows the integration of the antennae into the lid's structure. It's a tribute to the 2012 Mercedes CLK-Class design that the car looks much smaller than it actually is. It has neutral-tinted glass and gray vanes on its grille; it gets blue-tinted glass, high-gloss black vanes with chrome trim on its grille and an AMG styling package comprising a front valance with mesh grillwork and three separate sections and unique rocker panels, rear valance and alloy wheels.


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