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The 2012 Mercedes E-Class returns with little change from the previous model year. The previously optional driver's multicontour seat, rear park assist, and Harmon Kardon sound system are now standard. Other standard equipment for the G500 includes an automatic anti-theft system, COMAND integrated GPS navigation system, and electronic traction control with Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Enhanced safety features include driver and front passenger air bags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and programmable daytime running lights. It includes all of the standard features available on the G500 but also includes a 349-hp 5.5-liter V-8 engine, Designo Charcoal Nappa leather upholstery and an exclusive silver-accented AMG instrument cluster. Antiskid/traction control is standard. So is ABS, now activated "by wire" to electronically modulate each wheel's brake pressure. 

The 2012 Mercedes E-Class comes with 16-inch wheels, the E500 with 17s, the E55 18s. Front and rear side airbags, head-protecting curtain side airbags, and Mercedes' TeleAid assistance system are standard. Among options: rear-obstacle warning; voice-activated cell phone and navigation; Mercedes' cruise control designed to maintain a set following distance; and bi-xenon headlamps. Also available are heated/ventilated front seats and Dynamic Drive massaging front seats with bladders that inflate to counter cornering forces. A twin-sunroof option consists of a conventional sunroof over the front seats and a glass panel over the rears; a solar-cell version runs an Interior cooling fan. Mercedes' optional Keyless Go credit-card-sized transmitter unlocks and starts the car. Developed by Mercedes' AMG racing arm, the E55 has exclusive trim and sport suspension, exhaust, and seats. 

The 2012 Mercedes E-Class can't be beat for comfort and features at around $55,000, while the A6 earns Best Buy status for its blend of space, performance, design sophistication, powertrain choices, and workmanship at prices below those of most rivals. It is a beautiful line of cars, sleek and aerodynamic. They are smaller yet roomier than the bulky pre-2000 models they replaced, and they are extremely sophisticated. There's much technology in the Mercedes models and learning all of the features takes some time. Offers a lot, as it should, given its price and reputation. It represents the state of the technological art of the high-performance luxury sedan. Its Interior comfort is unsurpassed; its styling is aerodynamically efficient. It exudes status. This cars have a daunting set of features that requires some study of the owners manuals, but it isn't insurmountable.


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